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Hudson, New York Will Begin Fingerprinting for Youth Department Employees

Technically, the city Youth Department of Hudson, New York should have started fingerprinting its employees more than ei...

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City of Schenectady Adopting New Background Check Policy

In the past, the City of Schenectady has limited its background checks to certain high-responsibility positions. Going f...

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Florida State Rep Calls for Deeper Background Checks of Foreign Exchange Hosts

A Florida State Representative is calling upon Congress to draft legislation that would expand the process for screening...

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FCRA Lawsuit Against Amazon Will Move Forward after Florida Ruling

A lawsuit filed against for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act will move forward after a Florida judge r...

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Maryland Won’t Require Fingerprint Checks for Uber and Lyft

Regulators in the state of Maryland recently decided against a mandate that would have required fingerprint background c...

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Massachusetts Decides to Regulate Uber and Lyft without Fingerprint Checks

The question of whether or not Uber and Lyft drivers should go through fingerprint background checks is often cited as t...

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Uber CEO Labels Fingerprint Background Checks as 'Unjust'

Uber is currently in the midst of numerous background check-related conflicts all over the country. The company, which r...

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New York City Pre-K Background Checks Get Results

This summer, the Department of Education in New York City launched a fingerprint background check initiative designed to...

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