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Illinois Legislature to Consider Bill Prohibiting Landlord Disclosure of Immigration Status

With the topic of undocumented immigration at the forefront of discussion both in public and in statehouses across the c...

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Illinois County to Launch New Initiative for Criminal Record Expungement

Madison County, Illinois is launching an initiative that would make it easier for ex-offenders to expunge or seal their ...

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Background Checks for Ridesharing Companies and Others Continue Evolving

The importance of background checks and questions about the role screenings should play in hiring have come into focus. ...

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University of Illinois Withdrew 35 Job Offers in 2017 Due to Background Checks

The University of Illinois has revealed statistics about its background check policies and job offers from 2017. Accordi...

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Employees Banned from Chicago Public Schools Found Jobs at Local Charter Schools

A recent audit by the Chicago Board of Education found that employees who had been banned by Chicago Public Schools were...

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University of Illinois Gives One-Year Report on Background Check Policy

Last year, the University of Illinois expanded its background check policy. Before the expansion, the university was onl...

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Whole Foods Targets Low-Income Areas with Progressive Background Check Policies

Whole Foods, the nation’s largest organic grocer, is aiming to play a new role in the city of Chicago: a proponent of se...

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Compliance and Legislation, ban the box, Illinois, federal

A Federal Ban the Box Bill Is Currently Pending

For the past few years, there has been arguably no headline staple in the background check world as consistent as the ba...

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Backlash for Background Checks at the University of Illinois

There is a growing controversy behind a new employee background check policy at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champa...

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Park Ridge, Illinois Could Add Background Check for Board and Commission Volunteers

Criminal background checks could soon become a requirement for board and commission volunteers in the city of Park Ridge...

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