Compliance and Legislation, delaware, licensure

Delaware Changes Licensing Requirements for Some Professions and Occupations

Delaware recently passed Senate Bill 98 which amends Title 24 of the Delaware Code relating to professions and occupatio...

Compliance and Legislation, Indiana, licensure

New Licensure Qualifications for Pharmacy Technicians in Indiana

The Indiana legislature passed Senate Bill 233 and the Governor approved it on March 24, 2014. The bill, among other thi...

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Compliance and Legislation, california, licensure, nurse aides, home care

California Regulates Home Care Organizations and Aides

The California legislature passed Assembly Bill 1217 creating Chapter 13 (commencing with Section 1796.10) to Division 2...

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Compliance and Legislation, licensure, west virginia, health care

West Virginia Regulates Health Maintenance Tasks

The West Virginia legislature passed legislation regulating the performance of health maintenance tasks by unlicensed pe...

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