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Movement to Expunge Marijuana Convictions

In Michigan, residents voted to legalize marijuana completely in the 2018 November election. In September 2019, a bipart...

Industry News, expungement, Marijuana

Expansion of Marijuana Legalization Gives Expungement Procedures New Importanc

Laws that allow for the legal sale of recreational marijuana are now on the books in nine states (and Washington, D.C.),...

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As Workplace Drug Testing for Marijuana Wanes, Concerns Rise About Opioid Abuse

Compared to twenty or even ten years ago, the state of marijuana legalization in the United States has shifted. To date,...

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Ongoing Marijuana Legalization Impacts Job Prospects Even for Non-Users

As supporters in states across the country celebrate the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, employers f...

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San Francisco Announces Plans to Wipe out Marijuana Convictions

San Francisco’s repository of drug offense records is about to get considerably smaller. According to a recent report in...

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DEA Declines to Reschedule Marijuana

On August 12, 2016, the Drug Enforcement Agency announced that it would not reschedule marijuana, leaving it as a Schedu...

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Baltimore Police Could Ease up on Marijuana Restrictions for Recruits

The Baltimore Police Department may be easing up on background restrictions for recruits. According to a recent report f...

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Pennsylvania Enacts a New Medical Marijuana Law

On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania passed the Medical Marijuana Act which legalizes the prescription and use of medical mar...

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Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing in District of Columbia

Since that time, Washington D.C. passed a permanent law that is identical to the “Prohibition of Pre-Employment Marijuan...

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