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Massachusetts's Rideshare Background Check System Fails 15% of Applicants

For some time after the emergence of Uber and Lyft in the transportation industry, ridesharing apps operated in a Wild W...

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Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Law Amends Ban-the-Box Policy

Governor Charlie Baker signed the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Law on April 13, 2018 which places further restr...

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Massachusetts Marijuana Industry to Prohibit Employment of Convicted Drug Traffickers

Massachusetts, whose citizens voted in favor of recreational legalization in November 2016, has taken the process more s...

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Massachusetts School Association Wants to Widen Background Checks

A Massachusetts association of private schools wants to make sure that its schools are screening for all types of abuse....

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Massachusetts Tweaks Background Check Requirements for Ridesharing Drivers

The Massachusetts state government is tweaking some of the background check requirements for drivers of ridesharing serv...

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New Massachusetts Bill Would Tighten Sexual Misconduct Laws for Teachers

A new bill recently filed in the Massachusetts legislature could fortify the state’s laws against sexual misconduct in s...

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8,200 Massachusetts Ridesharing Contractors Fail Mandatory Background Checks

In November, Massachusetts passed regulations to impose the strictest background checks in the country on individuals wh...

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Amazon Accused of Using Background Checks to Fire Drivers Illegally

Could soon be facing a background check lawsuit in Boston? Per a report from the Boston Globe, the company an...

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Massachusetts Town Faces Accusations over Potentially Illegal Background Checks

The town of Webster, Massachusetts is searching for a new town administrator. The search process involves a committee of...

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Massachusetts Bans Employers from Asking about Salary History in Job Interviews

On August 1, 2016, Governor Charlie Baker signed Senate Bill 2119 “An Act to Establish Pay Equity” that made Massachuset...

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