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Acceptance Grows for "Clean Slate" Approach to Criminal Records

Even if it only contains misdemeanors, a criminal record can be a critical barrier to housing, employment, and many othe...

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Movement to Expunge Marijuana Convictions

In Michigan, residents voted to legalize marijuana completely in the 2018 November election. In September 2019, a bipart...

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Opportunities Expand, but Barriers Remain for Individuals with Criminal Convictions

It's a shocking statistic: one-third of the US population has had a brush with the justice system through a conviction o...

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Do Expunged or Sealed Records Show on Background Checks?

By petitioning the court to expunge a criminal conviction, a person is essentially asking to wipe that conviction from t...

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King County, WA Moves to Improve Access to Expungement Opportunities

A criminal record—even one that contains only a single conviction—can constitute a serious detriment to an individual's ...

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Uber Defends Hiring Practices in the Wake of Fatal Self-Driving Car Accident

Self-driving cars are a focus of heavy investment, research, and development for many companies, and ridesharing giant U...

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