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North Carolina Lawmakers Call for Investigation of Census Bureau’s Hiring Practices

Lawmakers in North Carolina are calling for an in-depth investigation into the hiring practices of the United States Cen...

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North Carolina Attorney General Issues Warning about the Dangers of Hiring a Handyman

In response to a recent case where a North Carolina homeowner was burglarized by someone he hired to cut down trees in h...

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North Carolina Amends Certificate of Relief Law

On June 25, 2018, Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 774, which expands Certificate of Relief. The North Carolina Cer...

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North Carolina Nonprofit Fights for Ban the Box Policies

A nonprofit organization in North Carolina is pushing for the adoption of ban the box policies throughout the state. Per...

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Students Ask University to Pay for Volunteer Background Checks

The University of North Carolina recently implemented a new policy that requires student volunteers to go through backgr...

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North Carolina YMCA Bus Driver Faces Child Pornography Charges

A YMCA in Gaston County, North Carolina is facing something of a public relations nightmare following the revelation tha...

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Greensboro Police Department Checks Are an Example of What Law Enforcement Background Screenings Should Be

Last fall, when a police officer in Cleveland shot and killed a 12-year-old boy for waving around a plastic gun, people ...

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North Carolina State Law Expands Background Checks for Emergency Medical and Fire Responders

It used to be that fire departments and emergency medical service branches throughout North Carolina would only run back...

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North Carolina County to Adopt Firefighter Background Checks for the First Time Ever

We may have recently celebrated the arrival of 2015, but in Cashiers, North Carolina, the local fire department is still...

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North Carolina State Fair Adds New Background Check Language into Employee Contracts

Recent years have seen an uptick in background checks in virtually every industry out there, from daycare to education. ...

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