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Ohio to Require Background Checks for Medicaid Providers

The Ohio Department of Medicaid recently announced a new rule that will require background checks for all Medicaid provi...

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September 2017 compliance update

(Federal) Senate Bill 842, regarding Ban-the-Box This bill prohibits Federal agencies and Federal contractors from reque...

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Ohio Enacts a New Medical Marijuana Law

On May 25, 2015, the Ohio Legislature passed House Bill 523 which legalizes the prescription and use of medical marijuan...

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Ohio Replacing State Criminal Background Check System

 Following revelations last year that Ohio's state criminal background check system was obsolete and incomplete, the sta...

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Newark, Ohio Prepares to Ban the Box After Powerful Speeches from Ex-Offenders

The news that the town of Newark, Ohio is considering "ban the box" legislation seems like small change when compared to...

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Commissioners in Ross County, Ohio Offer to Pay Background Check Expenses for Local 4-H Volunteers

A few months ago, the Ohio State University Extension program announced that it was going to begin requiring volunteers ...

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Ohio 4-H Volunteers Will Have to Undergo Background Checks under New Policy

4-H volunteers and other volunteers with the Ohio State University Extension program will soon be required to undergo ba...

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Ohio Home Health Worker Indicted on Rape Charges Had Previous History of Assault

Officials with the Ohio Department of Health say that the rape of a 17-year-old girl in Delaware County would have been ...

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Ohio Police Officers Indicted for Unlawful Use of Background Checks

In most cases, background checks are used by employers to learn more about applicants and determine whether or not they ...

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New Administrative Rules for Ohio Home Health Agencies

New administrative rules proposed by the Ohio Department of Health relating to criminal background checks of employees a...

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