Industry News, Pennsylvania, clean slate bill, expunged criminal record

Pennsylvania Begins Automatic Record Sealing Under New Clean Slate Law

At the end of June 2018, the governor of Pennsylvania signed the "Clean Slate" law. Pennsylvania's Clean Slate law has a...

Industry News, Pennsylvania, expunged criminal record

Pennsylvania Begins Allowing Requests for Sealing Criminal Records

The process of reintegrating individuals with criminal records into society has proven to be a complex challenge for dec...

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Industry News, Pennsylvania, state background check

Pennsylvania State Background Checks Could Soon Increase in Price

The Pennsylvania legislature is currently considering budget changes that, among other things, would increase the cost o...

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Industry News, employment verification, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Public Official Resigns over Resume Questions

According to recent reports, there is an increased focus in the employment world on double- and triple-checking every re...

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Industry News, background check, driver, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania School District Cuts Ties with Transportation Firm over Background Checks

A mid-state Pennsylvania school district has cut ties with a former transportation contractor over background check conc...

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Industry News, school, contractor background checks, Pennsylvania

Accused Killer Worked as Van Driver for Pennsylvania School District

No state has been in the news for child safety and welfare more in the last few years than Pennsylvania. In the wake of ...

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Compliance and Legislation, Marijuana, drug screening, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Enacts a New Medical Marijuana Law

On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania passed the Medical Marijuana Act which legalizes the prescription and use of medical mar...

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Industry News, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Senate Closes Background Check Loophole

In 2014, Pennsylvania passed one of the most sweeping packages of background check legislation ever, as the state legisl...

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Industry News, Pennsylvania, child abuse

Pennsylvania Child Abuse Checks off to a Strong Start

Judging by a recent report from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, the state's new policy for requiring chil...

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Industry News, Pennsylvania

Is There a Loophole in Pennsylvania's Child Protective Laws?

Last year, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a bevy of new laws designed to protect children from abuse. The legislati...

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