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Baltimore Police Could Ease up on Marijuana Restrictions for Recruits

The Baltimore Police Department may be easing up on background restrictions for recruits. According to a recent report f...

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Indiana Police Officer Never Had a Background Check

A police officer from Edgewood, Indiana recently convicted of reckless homicide never had a proper background check befo...

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Associated Press Investigation Reveals Flaws in Nationwide Process for Punishing Corrupt or Problematic Police Officers

If you've ever been subjected to a background check as part of a pre-employment screening process, there's a good chance...

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Motel 6 in Rhode Island Turns over Names of Guests for Local Police Background Checks

A Motel 6 in Warwick, Rhode Island has an agreement with the local police department designed to catch criminals. Unfort...

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Ohio Police Officers Indicted for Unlawful Use of Background Checks

In most cases, background checks are used by employers to learn more about applicants and determine whether or not they ...

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Pittsburgh Area Needs an Overhaul in Background Checks for Police Academy Trainees

In Allegheny County, the Pennsylvania area that houses Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs, the police training progr...

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