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Tennessee Teacher Gets His License Back Despite Statutory Rape Conviction

A Tennessee teacher previously convicted of statutory rape will have his teaching license reinstated after a judge order...

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Indiana Legislative Committee Wants Repeat Background Checks for Teachers

A bill pending in the Indiana legislature could change the way that schools throughout the state complete background che...

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Missouri Considering Alert System for Public School Employees

According to a recent report from the Springfield News-Leader, Missouri education officials are thinking about implement...

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Indiana's Teacher Background Checks Face Damning Report

Indiana parents may be feeling a bit wary about sending their kids to school, following a damning report on the state's ...

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Backlash for Background Checks at the University of Illinois

There is a growing controversy behind a new employee background check policy at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champa...

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Illinois Will Soon Require Student Teachers to Undergo Teacher Background Checks

It's no secret that teachers face particularly rigorous pre-employment background checks, especially compared to other p...

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New Jersey Legislator Wants Background Checks for All Private School Employees in the State

A Hoboken, New Jersey legislators wants to propose a new background check law for private schools after video footage of...

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Connecticut Working to Expedite Background Checks for Teachers

As things currently stand in Connecticut, new teachers can sometimes wait up to 30 days for their employment background ...

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New Connecticut Legislation Could Help Shorten Gap for Teacher Background Checks

Under current Connecticut state law, teachers have up to 30 days after hiring to submit to fingerprinting and background...

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Anchorage Teaching Assistant Arrested and Charged for Possession of Child Pornography

Background checks are particularly important in schools, where they function as the most prominent safeguard for keeping...

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