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Tenant Background Checks Continue to Spark Controversy

More legislators are pushing for significant restrictions to tenant background checks. We examine bills that could chang...

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An Update on Fair Chance Housing Ordinances and Tenant Background Checks

Landlords in 2021 must navigate significant regulatory upheaval in tenant background checks and federal housing vouchers...

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tenant screening

Best Practices for Tenant Screening

Tenant background screening is a fraught category of background checks due to ethical questions and new policies. Parts ...

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Rule Changes for Tenant Screenings Worry Landlords

Across the country, access to affordable housing and whether landlords have created unfair barriers to housing remain ho...

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Debate Rages in Minneapolis over Limiting Tenant Background Checks

Should Minneapolis regulate the use of background checks for tenant screenings? That’s the question that the Minneapolis...

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Portland Considers Proposal to Regulate Tenant Screening Process

The balance between landlord and tenant rights is delicate. On one side are individuals who require an adequate place to...

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New Jersey Town Tries and Fails to Mandate Background Checks for Tenants

Who is the new neighbor that just moved in to the rental next door? That question was at the heart of one recent attempt...

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Tenant Screenings in Oregon Have Become More Restricted

With the passage of Senate Bill 91 earlier this year, landlords in Oregon will be limited in the use of information obta...

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