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Protecting Children at School and at Play

One of the most important functions of background checks in any environment is to protect children and teenagers from se...

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New Jersey Organization Failed to Conduct Volunteer Background Checks While Administering Federal Grant Programs

A Camden, New Jersey-based organization entrusted with administering federal grant programs will pay $1.1 million to set...

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How Can Volunteer Organizations Better Serve Their Communities

Organizations that rely on volunteers are often the organizations that are directly serving their communities regularly....

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Los Angeles Unified School District to Streamline Volunteer Process

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)—California’s largest public school district and the second largest publi...

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More Organizations Embracing Background Checks for Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are critical contributors to the success of many organizations, particularly schools and youth athletic organ...

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Kentucky School District Shifts Volunteer Background Check Policy

Should school volunteers pay for their own background checks? Or should a school district cover the costs to encourage m...

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The Growing Push for Volunteer Background Checks

Across the country, organizations and institutions that work with children face concerns about how to protect those in t...

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Forsyth County Parks and Rec Department Adds Streamlined Background Check Policy

The Parks and Recreation Department in Forsyth County, Georgia will soon implement a new background screening policy. Pe...

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Kansas School District Adds Volunteer Background Checks

Newton USD 373, a unified school district that serves the city of Newton, Kansas, and several surrounding areas, is adop...

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Parent Volunteer Background Checks Coming to Nevada

Parent volunteers in Nevada will soon be required to undergo criminal background checks. According to an article in the ...

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