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Washington Governor Vetoes University Ban the Box Bill

It has become increasingly common over the past few years for employers, cities, counties, and even states to implement ...

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Tacoma, Washington Firefighter Was Hired Despite Drug Addiction

The background check policies of the local fire department in Tacoma, Washington are under a microscope following the de...

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Audit Reveals Shortcomings in the Washington State Criminal History Database

The Washington State Auditor's Office recently took a look at the state's repository for criminal history information, a...

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Yakima County Employee Arrested for Forgery Never Went through a Background Check

The local government of Yakima County, Washington is considering new background check regulations for its workers after ...

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Washington State Fair Cracks Down on Sex Offenders with Background Checks

The Washington State Fair is one of the largest carnival or fair events in the entire country, stretching on for 17 days...

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