Why Do Community-Serving Organizations Trust BGC? l Case Study

By Michael Klazema on 3/15/2019

From youth sports collectives to non-profit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life for veterans, community-serving organizations make the world a better place every day. These organizations face unique considerations when it comes to hiring. With a vested interest in protecting the needs of community members, volunteers, staff members, or children, community-serving organizations need to build dependable and robust employee and volunteer background checks. Depending on the job, everything from criminal history to driving record infractions can reflect a red flag worth considering.

Community-serving organizations turn to for reliable, detailed, and consistent employee vetting services. Several clients representing community-serving organizations have found vetting success with a partnership.

What They Needed

  • Based in Tupelo, Mississippi, the Family Resource Center of North Mississippi (FRCNMS) is a non-profit that works to promote the health and happiness of local families. Among other services, FRCNMS provides conflict resolution programs, youth development opportunities, and domestic violence support groups. To serve the community effectively, FRCNMS must offer a safe, welcoming environment grounded in trust. When the organization called on, it was looking for a way to vet new employees for criminal histories and other red flags.

  • Florida Mentor serves that community of Boynton Beach, Florida by providing services to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. From counseling and therapy to life skill development, Florida Mentor helps individuals to integrate into society in new and beneficial ways. Some of the services that Florida Mentor provides involve transporting passengers to appointments and other obligations. The organization turned to to run driving history checks on employees with this extra responsibility to ensure the safe transportation of its precious cargo.

  • Inspire Sheboygan County is a non-profit in Sheboygan, Washington that helps local students explore career opportunities. The organization works with local employers to arrange career experience programs for middle and high school students. The goal is to give students a better grasp of professional opportunities and potential career paths. Each job shadowing program has a “career coach”—a local employee who volunteers to work with students. Inspire Sheboygan County sought out to vet these career coaches to make sure they are safe to work with kids.

  • Southwest Key Programs is a nonprofit organization that operates shelter facilities for immigrant minors who have been separated from their parents. The organization has 26 shelters located in Texas, California, and Arizona that house approximately 5,100 children. Southwest Key Programs needed to help screen candidates for criminal history, sex offender status, and more—all to protect the safety of the children.

What They Love 

Both FRCNMS and Florida Mentor report that they have rejected job candidates based on information gleaned from services. Our products have played an essential role in keeping these organizations safe for the vulnerable populations they serve. In addition to safety, both nonprofits rely on us to help them control and limit legal liability.

According to Julie Frausto, program coordinator for Inspire Sheboygan County, checks through have exposed multiple minor red flags for career coaches and have caused Inspire Sheboygan County to have discussions with coaches to further explore their backgrounds. The organization appreciates being able to unlock a deeper understanding of their career coaches’ histories with help from 

All four clients will continue to use in the future, praising everything from our intuitive website to our customer service.

How BGC Can Help Your Community Organization 

At, we provide a thorough array of background check services to benefit community-serving organizations and nonprofits of all kinds. If you are looking for dependable drivers, like Florida Mentor, or people who can be trusted to work closely with children, like Southwest Key Programs and Inspire Sheboygan County, can help. If you are interested in utilizing our services in your organization, contact us today.

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