dating apps

Why Background Check Your Date? Recent Viral TikTok Video Gives an Answer

Is it safe to go on a date with the person you matched with on Tinder or Hinge? A thorough background screening of your ...

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state background check

Should Background Checks Have a Place in State Politics?

Do political candidates need background checks? Many have questions after a local news team revealed that one mayoral ca...

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Compliance and Legislation, background checks for tenants

Bill to Ban Tenant Background Checks in New York City Fails to Pass

Lauded by activists as a progressive step to expand access to housing, a last-minute attempt to pass a bill restricting ...

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The debate over clean slate laws

Clean slate laws could help millions of Americans by making it easier to expunge criminal records. But are there drawbac...

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volunteer background checks

Volunteer Firefighter Facing Felony Rape Charge Hired Due to Oversight

A South Carolina volunteer fire department hired an individual facing felony charges in another state, highlighting the ...

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tenant screening

Florida Tragedy Shows Background Checks Are a Crucial Tool for Landlords

In the wake of a tragedy in Florida, the state could pass a law requiring building employee background checks for apartm...

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background check

Slow Chicago-Area Background Checks Lead to Hiring Delays

Designed to create safer opportunities for hiring, background checks can sometimes introduce delays into the process. Ar...

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Healthcare Background Checks

What the Healthcare Employee Shortage Means for Hiring in the Medical Field

Covid-19 exacerbates an already severe employee shortage in the healthcare field. We explore some of the ways this short...

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childcare workers

Childcare Providers Face a Challenging Labor Landscape

Devastated by the pandemic, the childcare industry has struggled to bounce back even as demand rises with parents return...

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