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Connecticut Considers a Move Towards Automatic Expungement with New Bill

The consequences of a criminal conviction can last far beyond a prison sentence or probation term. With most business ow...

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Connecticut Daycare Closes Amidst Homicide Investigation

A home daycare business in Stamford, Connecticut has been shuttered amidst a homicide investigation. A two-month-old bab...

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Compliance and Legislation, ban the box, Connecticut

Connecticut Passes the Amended Ban the Box Bill

The modified “Ban the Box” bill states, “No employer shall inquire about a prospective employee’s prior arrests, crimina...

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New Long-Term Care Criminal History and Patient Abuse Background Search Program Implemented for Connecticut Home Health Agencies

Home health agencies in Connecticut are now subject to Connecticut’s long-term care facility law. Subsection (g) of sect...

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New Law in Connecticut Requires New Levels of Transparency, Accountability from Charter Schools

Following an investigation that revealed corruption, nepotism, and little to no accountability at a Connecticut charter ...

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Compliance and Legislation, social media checks, Connecticut

Connecticut Passes Social Media Legislation

Public Act 15-6 prohibits any person doing business and has employees from engaging in the following: Request or require...

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Connecticut Working to Expedite Background Checks for Teachers

As things currently stand in Connecticut, new teachers can sometimes wait up to 30 days for their employment background ...

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New Connecticut Legislation Could Help Shorten Gap for Teacher Background Checks

Under current Connecticut state law, teachers have up to 30 days after hiring to submit to fingerprinting and background...

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Connecticut School District Struggles with Visitor Background Check Dilemma

Schools in Bridgeport, Connecticut are considering a new visitor background check policy, but there are positive and neg...

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Compliance and Legislation, Background Checks, Connecticut, home health agencies

New Requirements for Connecticut Homemaker-Companion Agencies

The State’s Governor approved Public Act No. 13-88 on June 6, 2013, which revises the General Statutes Section 20-679. T...

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