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New Requirements for Connecticut Homemaker-Companion Agencies

The State’s Governor approved Public Act No. 13-88 on June 6, 2013, which revises the General Statutes Section 20-679. This section deals with comprehensive background checks for employees and contractors of homemaker-companion agencies.

Section 20-679(a) as amended requires a homemaker-companion agency’s service contract to contain a conspicuous notice, in boldface type,

  1. Listing the employees required to submit to a comprehensive background check, and
  2. Informing the service recipient of the right to receive a further notice confirming that those background checks were performed.

The law now states that a written contract or service plan between a homemaker-companion agency and a person receiving services will not be enforceable unless the document contains all of the required notices.

Go here to view Public Act No. 13-88:

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