Compliance and Legislation, california, e-verify

California Restricts Employers’ Use of E-Verify

The new law (Cal. Labor Code § 2814) will make it unlawful for an employer to use the federal electronic-employment veri...

Compliance and Legislation, e-verify

Justice Department Settles E-Verify Violations with Janitorial Services Company

The Justice Department recently announced that it reached an agreement with a janitorial and facilities maintenance serv...

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Compliance and Legislation, e-verify, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Enacts E-Verify Bill

Governor Corbett has signed Act No. 127 (formerly Senate Bill 637), The Public Works Employment Verification Act, requir...

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Compliance and Legislation, e-verify, alabama Compliance and Legislation update: Alabama governor signs bill amending controversial immigration law

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has signed House Bill 658, a bill that is intended to simplify and clarify Alabama’s exi...

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Compliance and Legislation, e-verify, Tennessee

Tennessee employers required to collect documents or use E-Verify database

Tennessee employers are required to demonstrate that they are hiring and maintaining a legal workforce under new require...

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Compliance and Legislation, immigration, employment verification, e-verify

Louisiana Enacts E-Verify Legislation

On July 1, 2011, Governor Bobby Jindal signed HB 646 into law, creating Act 402. Act 402 revises Louisiana’s existing im...

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Compliance and Legislation, north carolina, oklahoma, south carolina, e-verify

North & South Carolina and Oklahoma Enacts E-Verify Bill

On June 23, 2011, Governor Perdue signed HB 36, requiring employers and local governments to begin using E-Verify. Emplo...

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Compliance and Legislation, louisiana, contractor background checks, e-verify Legislationand Compliance update - Louisiana bill forcing contractors to use E-Verify unanimously passes state House

The Louisiana House has unanimously voted 100-0 to forbid any public body from giving contracts to businesses that will ...

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Compliance and Legislation, immigration, e-verify, alabama

Alabama Governor Signs Law Requiring All Businesses to Begin Using E-Verify

  On June 9, 2011, Alabama Governor Bentley signed HB 56, which is similar to Arizona's immigration legislation. The law...

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Compliance and Legislation, arizona, immigration, e-verify

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona’s E-Verify Requirement for Employers

  The United States Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s law requiring employers in the state to use the federal government’s ...

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