Questions and Answers, Background Checks, pre-employment screening

Will a DUI Show on a Criminal Background Check?

One offense that may cause confusion is a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. On the one han...

Questions and Answers, pre-employment screening, reference checks

How Do Reference Checks Work?

In conversations about pre-employment background checks, work history verifications and reference checks are often lumpe...

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Questions and Answers, Verification Checks, pre-employment screening

What Are Verification Checks?

Criminal background checks are at the core of most pre-employment background investigations, but they are not the only t...

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case study, pre-employment screening, News

Case Study: Family-Oriented Nonprofit Relies on for Thorough Pre-Employment Screening

The Family Resource Center of North Mississippi (FRCNMS) is a nonprofit organization based in Tupelo, Mississippi. The o...

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Industry News, Marijuana, pre-employment screening, drug screening

Ongoing Marijuana Legalization Impacts Job Prospects Even for Non-Users

As supporters in states across the country celebrate the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, employers f...

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Industry News, Massachusetts, pre-employment screening

Massachusetts Marijuana Industry to Prohibit Employment of Convicted Drug Traffickers

Massachusetts, whose citizens voted in favor of recreational legalization in November 2016, has taken the process more s...

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Industry News, school, pre-employment screening, Pennsylvania, volunteer background check

Pittsburgh Area School District Makes Updates to Background Check Policies

The school board for Peters Township, Pennsylvania has opted to make a few notable changes to background check policies....

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Compliance and Legislation, pre-employment screening, consumer credit reports, Connecticut Legislation and Compliance Update - Connecticut Limits Employers’ Use of Credit Reports

With important exceptions, a new Connecticut law prohibits employers from requiring employees to consent to a credit che...

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