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Illinois Adds New Restrictions for Employers Using Criminal Background Checks

Illinois recently updated its Human Rights Act to include restrictions for the use of criminal background checks in hiri...

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An Update on Clean Slate Legislation

More states and jurisdictions are taking steps to increase the accessibility of expungement and criminal record sealing....

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Controversies Brew Over Rules Impacting Housing Access

Across the United States, there are more than half a million individuals who go without a home each night. Efforts to co...

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Banning the Box on College Applications

Could ban the box policies be heading toward college campuses? Based on a new law pending in Pennsylvania, the answer is...

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Update Roundup: What’s New with “Ban the Box”

Hiring new employees is often a more complex process than business owners anticipate. Alongside crafting enticing job ad...

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Proposed Tenant Background Check Bans Draw Criticism

For the formerly incarcerated, the process of re-entering society involves a difficult path with many challenges. Advoca...

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Ban the Box? Some Municipalities Go the Other Way

Providing a path back to employment for formerly incarcerated individuals is a common goal, but not every locale is on b...

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Shelby County and Bethesda County Consider Ban the Box Changes

After a slow start in the late 1990s and the early 2000s, the ban the box movement gained steam based on a simple idea: ...

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A Mid-Year Ban the Box Compliance Report: Ban the Box

2020 has been a hectic year for everyone, but especially for employers. First, businesses had to contend with the stay-a...

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What New York Employers Should Know about Article 23-A and COVID-19 Releases

Nationwide, COVID-19 has created an unprecedented push to release inmates from jail or prison, often before their senten...

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