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Colorado and New Mexico Ban the Box; Others Face Enforcement Issues

A criminal record, regardless of the charges, is often a barrier to employment that ex-offenders find difficult to overc...

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Colorado Enacts New Restrictions on Tenant Background Checks

For prospective tenants, the rental application process can be as stressful as applying for a new job. For landlords, co...

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Greenley, Colorado Adds Background Checks for City Council Members

Six months ago, the residents of Greenley, Colorado unknowingly elected a convicted felon to a city council position. To...

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New Bill Could Change Background Checks for Nurses in Colorado

A new bill pending in Colorado could change the way the state looks at background checks for registered nurses. Per a re...

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Denver Public Schools Fires School Bus Driver for Crash

Denver Public Schools has fired a bus driver for getting into an accident while on the phone, explains a report from Fox...

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Colorado Fines Uber over Driver Background Checks

Uber’s embattled background check policies got one of their toughest rebukes yet in the form of a fine from the Colorado...

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Denver Hospital Failed to Uncover Technician’s History of Drug Addiction

A Denver area hospital—and the background check company the hospital trusted to vet a former surgical technician—is faci...

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Nursing Agency Calling for Stronger Background Checks in Colorado

The Colorado Nursing Agency says that it is "currently exploring options" that would improve nursing background checks i...

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Colorado Restricts Reporting of Expunged Records

The Colorado legislature passed House Bill 1265 that prohibits the reporting of expunged criminal history. Governor John...

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Colorado Repeals Employment Verification Affirmation

Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill 1114, which repeals Colorado employment verification law § 8-2-122, C.R.S. ...

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