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Uber and Lyft Face Backlash for Classifying Workers as Independent Contractors

Should Uber and Lyft consider their drivers employees? This question is at the center of a growing debate concerning the...

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What You Should Know About the New Executive Order Impacting Federal Contractors and Immigration

Companies that contract with the federal government should be aware of a new federal executive order that could have an ...

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Contractor Screening and Schools

The discourse around workplace background checks is often focused on employee background screenings. Vetting full-time e...

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Florida Police Uncover Unlicensed Contractors; D.C. Deals with Background Check Backlog

When the need arises for skilled work, contractors are a natural choice. This option often provides an easy way to tap i...

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San Francisco Ramping up Background Checks for Construction Contractors

Companies that bid for and win construction contracts with the city of San Francisco will soon be required to go through...

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The Necessity of Background Screenings for Contractors

Contractors are playing a larger role in both the private and public sectors. The government relies on a huge number of ...

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D.C. Family Services Contractor Suffers Personal Data Breach

Inner City Family Services, an agency that contracts for the Washington, D.C. Department of Behavioral Health, made head...

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Accused Killer Worked as Van Driver for Pennsylvania School District

No state has been in the news for child safety and welfare more in the last few years than Pennsylvania. In the wake of ...

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Industry News, contractor background checks, Texas Background Checks Not As Comprehensive As Customers Are Led to Believe

Thinking about renovating your home and hiring a contractor to handle the work? You should use caution when hiring contr...

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Will 'Ban the Box' Legislation Be Passed for Federal Contractors?

In case you needed proof that "ban the box" polices were continuing to gather steam, consider this: recently, nearly 200...

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