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Macy’s Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Claims of Hiring Discrimination

Employers face many challenges in the hiring process, and finding suitable candidates is only the first hurdle. Many emp...

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Do Traffic Tickets Show on Criminal Background Checks?

When filling out a job application, you may be asked to disclose prior criminal history. If you end up getting hired for...

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School Buses, Special Needs Students, and Safety Concerns

Are school buses safe? Parents everywhere have been asking that question for years, and with the summer winding down and...

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Oklahoma State University Faculty Members Are Split on New Background Check Policies

Oklahoma State University recently adopted a new employee background check policy and faculty members aren’t too pleased...

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Uber Defends Hiring Practices in the Wake of Fatal Self-Driving Car Accident

Self-driving cars are a focus of heavy investment, research, and development for many companies, and ridesharing giant U...

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City of Spokane Enacts Fair Chance Ordinance

On November 27, 2017, the City of Spokane City Council passed a new ordinance that prohibits private sector employers fr...

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How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?

The type of background check will influence the timeline. Employers typically have no limit to how far back they can or ...

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Compliance Guidelines for Los Angeles Ban the Box Ordinances

Since the effective date, the Department of Public Works Bureau of Contract Administration, which enforces the ordinance...

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California Decision on Adjudicating Employment Qualifications

The Northern District of California recently decided another noteworthy case. The case is a reminder to employers that, ...

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Indiana Amends the Process to Seal and Expunge Conviction Records

The Indiana legislature significantly changed the law for the expungement process in 2013. The changes impact the eligib...

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