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Louisiana Daycare Centers Brace for Background Check Cost Increases

Daycare operators in Louisiana are preparing for substantial increases in the cost of employee background checks. Per a ...

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Arkansas Daycare Background Checks Allow for Lengthy Grace Period

The subject of background checks in daycares was recently highlighted by a TV station in Little Rock, Arkansas after a m...

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Connecticut Daycare Closes Amidst Homicide Investigation

A home daycare business in Stamford, Connecticut has been shuttered amidst a homicide investigation. A two-month-old bab...

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New Hampshire Governor Signs Daycare Background Check Law

Deeper background checks are on the way for childcare providers in New Hampshire. According to a report from New Hampshi...

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Oregon Daycares Question State Background Check Policies

Daycares in Oregon are questioning the state's background check policies, but not because they don't want to screen thei...

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Butler County, Kansas Case Proves Importance of Background Checks for Child Caregivers

When a single mother in Butler County, Kansas required a caregiver for her two-year-old son, she called upon friends to ...

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Louisiana Approves New Background Check Requirements for Daycares

More and more daycare and preschool programs around the country are being called upon to ramp up their policies to keep ...

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Probe Reveals Troubling Truths About NYC Daycares

Three high-ranking New York City officials recently revealed the results of a probe into the daycare scene in two of the...

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