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Dollar General Agrees to Pay $6 Million in EEOC Settlement

For large and small employers across a broad spectrum of industries, pre-employment background checks are an integral pa...

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Macy’s Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Claims of Hiring Discrimination

Employers face many challenges in the hiring process, and finding suitable candidates is only the first hurdle. Many emp...

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ACLU Takes Aim at Landlord in Rental Fairness Dispute

A criminal record can prove a troublesome barrier to many necessities, from securing gainful employment to getting appro...

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New Jersey Town Tries and Fails to Mandate Background Checks for Tenants

Who is the new neighbor that just moved in to the rental next door? That question was at the heart of one recent attempt...

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New York City Bans Employers from Asking about Salary History in Job Interviews

On April 5, 2017, the New York City Council passed an ordinance that amends the administrative code by prohibiting emplo...

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California Decision on Adjudicating Employment Qualifications

The Northern District of California recently decided another noteworthy case. The case is a reminder to employers that, ...

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