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Denver Public Schools Fires School Bus Driver for Crash

Denver Public Schools has fired a bus driver for getting into an accident while on the phone, explains a report from Fox...

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Massachusetts Tweaks Background Check Requirements for Ridesharing Drivers

The Massachusetts state government is tweaking some of the background check requirements for drivers of ridesharing serv...

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8,200 Massachusetts Ridesharing Contractors Fail Mandatory Background Checks

In November, Massachusetts passed regulations to impose the strictest background checks in the country on individuals wh...

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Massachusetts Decides to Regulate Uber and Lyft without Fingerprint Checks

The question of whether or not Uber and Lyft drivers should go through fingerprint background checks is often cited as t...

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Pennsylvania School District Cuts Ties with Transportation Firm over Background Checks

A mid-state Pennsylvania school district has cut ties with a former transportation contractor over background check conc...

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Austin Widens the Scope of Taxi Driver Background Checks

As Uber faces legal problems for holes in its background checks, the city of Austin, Texas is taking steps to enhance ve...

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New Utah Legislation Could Call for Multi-Jurisdictional Background Checks of Immigrant Drivers

The Senate Transportation Committee in Utah is taking strides toward implementing nationwide, multi-jurisdictional check...

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Uber Vows to Devise a More Thorough Background Check Process to Protect Passengers

The ridesharing chauffer service Uber really took off this year, achieving high valuations and expanding to most major m...

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Salt Lake City Rideshare Drivers Rally Against Pending City Regulations

The Salt Lake City Council wants to amend its ground transportation ordinance in order to better suit (and more efficien...

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