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What Shows on a Driving History Check?

If you are applying for a job that involves driving—or even a job that involves operating heavy machinery—you may be req...

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Knox County Schools Toughens Bus Driver Background Checks

Tennessee’s Knox County Schools district has struggled with bus driver shortages over the past year following the implem...

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Moving Company Startup in New York Emphasizes Background Checks

Companies like Uber have changed the landscape of personal transportation, allowing regular citizens to accept taxi-like...

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Omaha Busing Audit Identifies Issues with District-Contractor Communications

As recent coverage has highlighted, virtually all public school districts provide some form of busing services to transp...

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Maryland Won’t Require Fingerprint Checks for Uber and Lyft

Regulators in the state of Maryland recently decided against a mandate that would have required fingerprint background c...

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Department of Transportation Creates Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Employers who hire commercial drivers will have an easier way to check for drug and alcohol infractions in the future. P...

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Bus Driver Background Checks in the News after Chattanooga Crash

Parents in Tennessee and throughout the nation are questioning the processes for screening, monitoring, and disciplining...

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Florida City Looking to Bring Uber Back, Despite Background Check Disagreements

Uber suspended its operations in Bay County, Florida in March 2015 after an Uber driver was arrested for not maintaining...

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Tampa Bay Area Residents Fighting Against Pending Ridesharing Regulations

Tampa Bay is just one step away from being the latest county in the United States to mandate additional background check...

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Austin Widens the Scope of Taxi Driver Background Checks

As Uber faces legal problems for holes in its background checks, the city of Austin, Texas is taking steps to enhance ve...

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