New Marijuana Expungement Laws Take Effect in Two States

New York and Michigan are the latest states to pass laws making expungement easier for individuals with misdemeanor mari...

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Ban the Box? Some Municipalities Go the Other Way

Providing a path back to employment for formerly incarcerated individuals is a common goal, but not every locale is on b...

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Marijuana Decriminalization and Recent Expungement Laws Are Opening Doors for Ex-Offenders

Recent legislative trends in the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana and the expungement of past criminal of...

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A Mid-Year Compliance Report: The Impacts of Marijuana Legalization

In 2012, Colorado and Washington made history by becoming the first two states in the country to legalize the recreation...

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Georgia Joins States Expanding Options for Record Expungement

A criminal record of any kind is a potential barrier to everything from housing to employment to credit. Though applican...

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Georgia Senate Votes in Favor of New Expungement Bill

Expungement could soon be considerably easier for Georgia citizens. A bill recently passed by the Georgia State Senate w...

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Acceptance Grows for "Clean Slate" Approach to Criminal Records

Even if it only contains misdemeanors, a criminal record can be a critical barrier to housing, employment, and many othe...

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Pathways to Expungement for Minor Crimes Expand Further

As even more states choose to fully legalize marijuana, the legacy of its illicit status continues to be a source of str...

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Movement to Expunge Marijuana Convictions

In Michigan, residents voted to legalize marijuana completely in the 2018 November election. In September 2019, a bipart...

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Opportunities Expand, but Barriers Remain for Individuals with Criminal Convictions

It's a shocking statistic: one-third of the US population has had a brush with the justice system through a conviction o...

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