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Illinois Adds New Restrictions for Employers Using Criminal Background Checks

Illinois recently updated its Human Rights Act to include restrictions for the use of criminal background checks in hiri...

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FCRA Compliance Requirements for Employers Running Background Checks

FCRA Compliance Requirements for Employers Running Background Checks

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A Legal Update on Background Screening Laws in Philadelphia and Illinois

Legislative changes in Philadelphia and Illinois will affect how employers in these jurisdictions use background checks ...

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The importance of identifying information in background checks.

Name-based background checks are a vital tool for businesses hiring new employees, but they come with caveats. Learn abo...

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The Future of Credit Checks

Do credit checks have a future as part of the employee background check process? As legislation increasingly restricts t...

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A Mid-Year Compliance Report: Pay Equity Laws

Last week, we explored some of the legislation and compliance changes that have occurred so far in 2020 in the ban the b...

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A Mid-Year Ban the Box Compliance Report: Ban the Box

2020 has been a hectic year for everyone, but especially for employers. First, businesses had to contend with the stay-a...

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CFPB Issues Guidance on FCRA in Light of COVID-19

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently issued guidance to help consumer reporting agencies (including ...

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Background Checks Must Be Comprehensive to Be Fully Effective

The resume is meant to be one of the cornerstones of the employment application process, a record of an individual's ski...

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The Gilberg Decision: What a Recent Court Case Reminds Us about the FCRA

Background check lawsuits have increased in number over the past ten years. According to CBS News, background check comp...

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