FCRA violations

Avoiding Legal Exposure From Faulty FCRA Disclosures

The FCRA requires employers to provide standalone disclosures about background checks to applicants. Learn how simple mi...

FCRA violations, FCRA

FCRA Compliance Requirements for Employers Running Background Checks

If you plan to evaluate a candidate’s past as part of your pre-employment screening process, you need to be aware of the...

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Another Employer Settles Multi-Million-Dollar Class-Action Lawsuit for Improper FCRA Disclosure

In October, a major supermarket chain agreed to pay $6.8 million to settle a putative class-action lawsuit alleging that...

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Compliance and Legislation, FCRA violations, Fair Credit Reporting Act, employment screening

Employer Sued in Class Action for Inadequate Disclosures and Notices

As we previously reported, plaintiffs’ lawyers are targeting employers in class actions based on violations of the Fair ...

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Pizza Chain and Major Bank Sued in Class Actions for Technical FCRA Violations

Plaintiff's law firms are suing large employers for technical violations of the disclosure requirements of the FCRA. At ...

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