Industry News, Georgia, elder care

Georgia Prepares to Implement New Background Check Requirements for Long-Term Care Providers

In October, Georgia will implement a new background-check-driven law that is intended to protect the elderly and other v...

Industry News, ban the box, Georgia

In Georgia, Procedural Problems Hinder Implementation of Ban the Box Rules

Multiple states and local municipalities have moved to implement ban the box regulations that apply to public or private...

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Industry News, background check, kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, school employees

Schools and Daycares Struggle to Comply with New Background Check Laws

With the school year fast approaching, schools and daycares in several states are scrambling to comply with new backgrou...

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Compliance and Legislation, Georgia, volunteer background check, Independent Contractors

Forsyth County Parks and Rec Department Adds Streamlined Background Check Policy

The Parks and Recreation Department in Forsyth County, Georgia will soon implement a new background screening policy. Pe...

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Industry News, school bus drivers, Georgia

Georgia Bus Driver Had History of Child Molestation

A man with a charge for child molestation drove a school bus for two and a half years in Cobb County, Georgia, per a rec...

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Industry News, drug screening, Georgia

School Board Looks into Options for Bus Driver Drug Screenings

The Lowndes County School District Board of Education in Valdosta, Georgia plans to require regular drug screenings of b...

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Compliance and Legislation, expungement, Georgia

Georgia Legislators Want Background Check Updates to First Offender Act

Since taking office in 2011, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has made criminal justice reform a major focus of his administ...

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Industry News, Georgia

Georgia's Fort Gordon Adds Background Check for Delivery Workers and Other Vendors

Fort Gordon, located in Augusta, Georgia, is the most recent United States military installation to add extra background...

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Industry News, school, Georgia

Newly Elected School Board Member Calls Background Check Requirement a "Conflict of Interest"

When an applicant, employee, or even a newly elected official refuses to submit to a background check, most would assume...

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Compliance and Legislation, Georgia

Georgia Enacts Offender Reentry Reforms

Georgia passed House Bill 365 in March 2014. The bill amends various sections of the Georgia Code relating to the Fair B...

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