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What Background Checks Do Landlords Do?

In most cases, when applying to rent an apartment, house, or other property from a landlord or property management compa...

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Detroit Bans the Box for Landlords

Across the country, addressing the problem of recidivism has proven to be a major challenge. While some changes have foc...

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FTC Imposes Largest Fine for a Background Check Provider After FCRA Violations

Background checks are a useful tool not only for employers but for many other professionals as well, such as landlords w...

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Florida Legislation Could Require Landlords to Provide Proof of Employee Background Checks

Landlords in Florida could soon be required to show residents' proof of employee background checks. Per a report from Ta...

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Your Right to a Safe Home – How Background Checks Can Help

In 2006, Tammara Erica Reed was murdered while visiting one of the residents of a complex on Acovy Road. The murderer wa...

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