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Michigan Animal Shelters Can Now Run Background Checks on Pet Adopters

Background checks will soon become a part of the pet adoption process in the State of Michigan. According to a report fr...

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Lansing Nonprofit Adds Background Checks for Volunteers

A few weeks ago, we covered the story of the Listening Ear, a nonprofit organization in Lansing, Michigan that ended up ...

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Michigan School District Revises Background Check Policies

An Eastern Michigan school district is making moves to revise its background checks, after discovering that a parent vol...

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Michigan Township Will Now Require Background Checks for Parks and Recreation Volunteers

It's becoming a more and more familiar story: from schools to camps, and beyond, companies and organizations are requiri...

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Michigan Un-Bans the Box

The new law protects any person or entity engaging in or intending to engage in a commercial activity, enterprise, or bu...

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Michigan Working to Pull Convicted Rapist's License to Practice as a Psychologist

In 2008, Michigan began running background checks on individuals applying for psychologist licenses in the state. Since ...

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Michigan Garage Door Business Could Have Avoided $118,000 Worth of Embezzlement with a Background Check

Fawley Overhead Door, a small family-owned garage door business based in Portage, Michigan, has a story that could convi...

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