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Church's Efforts Reveal One Pathway to Creating a Safe Environment for All

What does it take to create a safe environment in a school, church, or business? This question is on the minds of leader...

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Following IPO, Lyft Strengthens Background Check Procedures with Daily Monitoring

Aside from disrupting the taxi industry, many of the headlines written about ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft...

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Are ‘Insiders’ Threatening Your Business?

When it comes to insider threats—threats posed to your business by people who are employees—many employers have a false ...

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Uber Starts Testing Ongoing Criminal Monitoring Policies

At the beginning of July, Uber started testing ongoing criminal monitoring. Uber announced a few months ago it was plann...

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Uber Announces Expansion to Its Background Check Policies

After years of callouts and criticisms of its background check policies, Uber has announced a plan to expand the breadth...

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Federal Security Clearance System Added to Government Accountability Office’s “High-Risk List”

Federal auditors have identified the government’s security clearance screening process as a “high-risk” program, accordi...

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Indiana Legislative Committee Wants Repeat Background Checks for Teachers

A bill pending in the Indiana legislature could change the way that schools throughout the state complete background che...

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TSA Expands Background Checks for Airline and Airport Employees

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is expanding background check requirements for airline employees and...

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Most Airports Don't Do Repeat Background Checks on Employees after Hiring

Ever since the September 11th terrorist attacks, airports have cracked down on security in such a way that most passenge...

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North Carolina State Law Expands Background Checks for Emergency Medical and Fire Responders

It used to be that fire departments and emergency medical service branches throughout North Carolina would only run back...

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