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Pennsylvania Amends Background Certification Requirements

Pennsylvania House Bill 1276 amends and clarifies the state’s law that deals with background clearances for employees an...

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Pennsylvania School District Approves Guidelines That Will Call for 560 New Background Checks

Pennsylvania school districts and youth serving organizations have been scrambling to implement new background checks po...

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Pennsylvania State Representative Wants to Exempt Emergency Responders from Paying for Background Checks

Under current legislation in the state of Pennsylvania, emergency response workers, including firefighters and emergency...

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New Pennsylvania Background Check Rules Create System Backlog

Ever since the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal from a few years ago, officials in Pennsylvania had been w...

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Pennsylvania School District Struggles with Volunteer Background Check Dilemma

Is it better to pay for background checks, or to lose volunteers? That's the dilemma facing Mechanicsburg Area School Di...

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2015 Brings Stricter Childcare Legislation and Background Checks to Pennsylvania

It's the New Year, which means that new legislation relating to background checks and other types of protection is going...

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Pittsburgh Borough Institutes Background Checks Requirements for Board and Commission Members

Baldwin Borough, which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has instituted new background check requirements for volu...

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Elementary Schools in Pennsylvania Institute Background Checks for Parent Volunteers

It's becoming increasingly common for parents of elementary school students in the state of Pennsylvania, and indeed, th...

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