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The Latest Updates on Ridesharing and Background Checks

The debate about ridesharing services and background checks is not new. For years, ridesharing businesses—primarily Uber...

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Background Checks for Ridesharing Companies and Others Continue Evolving

The importance of background checks and questions about the role screenings should play in hiring have come into focus. ...

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Sexual Assaults by Lyft Driver Force Company to Re-Examine Its Background Check Policies

With ridesharing companies attracting more and more people to their platforms, swelling the annual number of passengers ...

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Massachusetts Tweaks Background Check Requirements for Ridesharing Drivers

The Massachusetts state government is tweaking some of the background check requirements for drivers of ridesharing serv...

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New Texas Law Regulates Background Checks for Ridesharing Companies

One of the biggest stories in the background check world last year was the exodus of Uber and Lyft from Austin, Texas in...

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Oregon Bill Would Allow Ridesharing Organizations to Operate Statewide

According to its critics, a bill currently pending in the Oregon House of Representatives could make it more difficult f...

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Tampa Bay Area Residents Fighting Against Pending Ridesharing Regulations

Tampa Bay is just one step away from being the latest county in the United States to mandate additional background check...

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Uber CEO Labels Fingerprint Background Checks as 'Unjust'

Uber is currently in the midst of numerous background check-related conflicts all over the country. The company, which r...

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Massachusetts Considers Ridesharing Background Check Bill

Massachusetts lawmakers are getting close to passing a new statewide background check requirement for all ridesharing se...

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New Ridesharing Service Takes Aim at Uber and Lyft with Background Checks

One of the biggest criticisms for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft is that their driver background checks are not...

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