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School Districts and Businesses Welcome Furloughed Federal Workers

On December 22, 2018, the United States government entered a partial shutdown as funding lapsed during an ongoing disput...

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Massachusetts School Association Wants to Widen Background Checks

A Massachusetts association of private schools wants to make sure that its schools are screening for all types of abuse....

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Kansas School District Adds Volunteer Background Checks

Newton USD 373, a unified school district that serves the city of Newton, Kansas, and several surrounding areas, is adop...

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Knox County Schools Toughens Bus Driver Background Checks

Tennessee’s Knox County Schools district has struggled with bus driver shortages over the past year following the implem...

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Chicago Public School District to Review Background Check Policies

The Chicago Public School District will review its policies for employee background checks after a teacher was arrested ...

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Alabama School District Takes Parent Background Checks One Step Further

According to reports, visitor and volunteer background checks are becoming common at school districts across the United ...

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Indiana General Assembly Considering Stricter School Background Checks

With back-to-school time looming for most school districts throughout the country—and with school already in session for...

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Maryland County School District's Efforts to Protect Kids Pays Off

A school district in Maryland made a commitment last year to create what administrators hope will be a safer educational...

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Michigan School District Revises Background Check Policies

An Eastern Michigan school district is making moves to revise its background checks, after discovering that a parent vol...

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Accused Killer Worked as Van Driver for Pennsylvania School District

No state has been in the news for child safety and welfare more in the last few years than Pennsylvania. In the wake of ...

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