Industry News, Texas, EEOC guidelines

Court Battle Continues As Texas and EEOC Spar Over Background Check Rules

The role that background checks should play and the impact of what they reveal during the hiring process are under vigor...

Industry News, Texas, landlords

FTC Imposes Largest Fine for a Background Check Provider After FCRA Violations

Background checks are a useful tool not only for employers but for many other professionals as well, such as landlords w...

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Industry News, criminal background check, Texas

Texas Police Arrest Fugitive with History of Fake Names

Police say Hanson regularly went by at least three different aliases. He sports a rap sheet that stretches back to an ar...

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Industry News, Background Checks, Texas

Texas Court Halts EEOC’s Background Check Guidance

Enforcement for guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is on hold in Texas after a lawsui...

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Industry News, ridesharing, Texas

New Texas Law Regulates Background Checks for Ridesharing Companies

One of the biggest stories in the background check world last year was the exodus of Uber and Lyft from Austin, Texas in...

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Industry News, Texas, Sexual Assault, negligent hiring lawsuit

Texas Gym Faces Lawsuit for Negligence After Sexual Assault

A family in Texas is pursuing a lawsuit against a Georgetown-based gymnastics gym, alleging that the business was neglig...

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Compliance and Legislation, ban the box, Texas

City of Austin Bans the Box and More

On March 24, 2016, the City of Austin, Texas passed a Fair Chance Hiring ordinance that requires an employer to delay bo...

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Industry News, driver license checks, driver, Texas

Austin Widens the Scope of Taxi Driver Background Checks

As Uber faces legal problems for holes in its background checks, the city of Austin, Texas is taking steps to enhance ve...

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Industry News, contractor background checks, Texas Background Checks Not As Comprehensive As Customers Are Led to Believe

Thinking about renovating your home and hiring a contractor to handle the work? You should use caution when hiring contr...

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Compliance and Legislation, ban the box, Texas

Austin, Texas Considers Banning the Box for Private Employees

Austin, Texas may be the next municipality to extend "ban the box" policies to include private employers. Already, the c...

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