volunteer background checks

Fast-Tracking Volunteer Background Checks

Volunteer background checks are critical to every volunteer-driven effort and organization. At backgroundchecks.com, we ...

volunteer background checks

Boy Scouts: Why Background Checks Matter

As Boy Scouts of America faces bankruptcy, dissolution, and sexual abuse allegations from 95,000 former members, the org...

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Things to Remember When Hiring Healthcare Workers

As healthcare organizations take steps to fight the surging COVID-19 pandemic, many are seeking reinforcements in full-t...

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Volunteers and Caregivers: Background Check Policies

Which role should background checks play for aged care providers? Michigan recently took a big step in standardizing cer...

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Background Checks for Church Employees or Volunteers

Scandal and controversy have followed the Catholic Church for the better part of two decades since the Boston Globe publ...

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Case Study | Social and Child Services Organizations Rely on backgroundchecks.com to Help Protect the People They Serve

Social and child services organizations across the nation work tirelessly and selflessly to help less-advantaged populat...

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All About Background Checks for Religious Organizations

Churches and religious organizations often have a reputation for being places of safety and sanctuary. However, recent h...

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