Palm Beach County, Florida

Ranking third in population among Florida’s counties with 1.4 million residents, Palm Beach County is the northernmost county in the Miami metro area. It shares borders with Hendry, Broward, and Martin counties. A popular tourist destination, Palm Beach is home to a thriving economy with major business anchors in the area, including Office Depot, Florida Crystals, and Lockheed Martin. 

Living in suburban communities or densely-populated neighborhoods to the south, Palm Beach job seekers often commute or relocate for the opportunity to work. As a result, business owners throughout the county enjoy a high level of interest in open positions and may be able to quickly fill an afternoon with interviews. Rushing to make a hire is not the correct response: first, employers must secure the ability to mitigate the hiring risks that come with a mobile workforce. 

Understanding your applicants is the key to risk mitigation, and the right tools for investigating their backgrounds are essential to have on hand. A county-level background check is a solid first step, providing a quick but in-depth look at an individual’s history with the Palm Beach courts. Next, look further by including Broward, Miami-Dade, and other nearby counties, too. This broader view is critical to ensure that you do not miss vital information, such as an applicant’s move to Palm Beach hoping to hide from a relevant drug conviction in Broward. 

While your business is mitigating such risks, do not create additional concerns by running afoul of fair hiring and non-discrimination laws. Though Florida does not “ban the box” and employers may ask about convictions on applications, employers must still observe other regulations that govern background checks, including the FCRA. Ensure that you have thoroughly investigated your responsibilities for applicant consent and notification before you run any background check. 

With hiring fairness built into your system, it’s time to vet candidates without delay. delivers a versatile array of solutions that provide a rapid turnaround and detailed reports. Use a county-level background check for a quick look at your current crop of applicants, then rely on the US OneSEARCH for supplementary data from other counties. As a multi-jurisdictional background check, the US OneSEARCH instantly provides results from Hendry, Martin, and Broward counties.  

US OneSEARCH background checks rely on information created and stored in databases that are operated by the state and county-level authorities. Each database periodically receives updates, so records are subject to change. For more current information on an individual’s record status, choose our county courthouse search. On-site court runners will request and retrieve records on your applicant with a final report available within three days. 

US OneSEARCH background checks use information from systems that include the: 

  • Florida Department of Corrections – Records from 1989-present, updated monthly
  • Florida Sex Offender Registry – Records from 1998-present, updated monthly 
  • Palm Beach County Court – Records from 1990-present, updated monthly 

This report may include the subject’s: 

  • Name
  • Arrest Date
  • Charges
  • Sentence 

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