Found in central New Jersey, Somerset County is a part of the New York metropolitan area even though it is relatively far inland, away from the urban core of New York City. It has a growing population currently estimated at around 345,000 people. Nearby counties include Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, and Union. Noteworthy employers in the area include Bausch & Lomb, Brother International, and Bloomberg.

Owing to its proximity to the core of the New York metropolitan area, employers in Somerset County may encounter a wide range of applicants with diverse points of origin. Determining who among this dynamic labor pool is the most suitable for your business requires a repeatable, well-considered system for screening and selecting candidates. As part of this process, you should look to uncover and analyze any criminal records that may be associated with your candidate. Background checks make that process simple.

Using background checks comes with some considerations—not just how to use them, but how to do so legally. You should craft a policy that aligns with the law in your area.

In New Jersey, all private employers, including those in Somerset County, are subject to the state's "ban the box" law. Since 2015, employers in the state have not been allowed to use job applications to ask questions about a candidate's criminal history. An initial interview must be conducted with all candidates before you can collect an applicant's consent for a background check.

You may not evaluate or ask about any pardoned or expunged convictions. You may not use drug tests for marijuana or deny a job solely based on someone's marijuana usage. Using the internet to search for general information about the candidate before a job interview is also illegal.

With a legally-sound and fully-compliant written policy for conducting pre-employment screening, you can start exploring our options for powering up your process. An in-depth review of criminal records is the ideal place to start. The US OneSEARCH opens the door to finding records on your candidate from nationally-compiled sources. See our coverage map for more information on the sources that go into this nearly-instant background check.

Not every territory makes it simple for reporting agencies such as to access and curate records. Some counties and states choose to restrict how and when the public can access their criminal record information. Somerset County is one such county. All New Jersey employee background checks must go through the New Jersey State Police. Fees are $20 for name-based and $44.13 for fingerprint-based background checks.

Background reports sourced from county court records may include the subject's:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

Find more trustworthy and qualified job applicants in Somerset County when you create a thorough background check policy backed up by proven experience.

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