St. Charles County, Missouri Court Records

A central suburban portion of the St. Louis metropolitan area, St. Charles County has a large population of about 405,000. Adjacent counties include Calhoun, Franklin, Jersey, Lincoln, Madison, St. Louis, and Warren. Key area employers include Mastercard, Boeing, and St. Joseph Health Center. 

Once home to the temporary state capital in Missouri's earliest days, St. Charles County today, is highly suburban with large service, IT, and financial sectors in its economy. Its population growth rate consistently ranks among the highest in the nation. As a result of the consistent and constant influx of new arrivals, employers seldom lack applications for job openings. Although that makes “staffing up” an easy process, businesses can't mistake ease for safety. There are still risks inherent to hiring. 

Protecting your business and the public starts with clear-eyed hiring procedures that let you make fully-informed decisions about who should represent your company. Resumes, cover letters, and even interviews can leave vital information unknown and out of sight. You can better understand who you're about to hire by combing through public records and criminal histories. From preventing financial fraud such as embezzlement to avoiding the potential for violence, screening applicants is the simplest way to see red flags early. No background check can tell the future about someone's behavior, but you may be able to make decisions based on their past. 

Online background checks offer fast, effective access to criminal history databases at every level, from the individual county to an entire state. Sometimes, you won't detect anything unusual in a background report, and you may be able to move on with the selection process. At other times, a report may contain concerning information: a violent felony, very recent convictions, and even pending charges. With help from, uncovering this information is uncomplicated. 

You must understand all your legal obligations before using background checks. Missouri does not have a “ban the box” law that prohibits when and how you may ask about criminal convictions. Federal law, however, requires you to provide an FCRA standalone disclosure while obtaining the applicant's consent for a background check. Follow EEOC guidance and their factors for evaluating background checks to minimize opportunities for discriminatory actions and potential complaints. 

You can begin to vet applicants properly with a compliant procedure established and in writing. How can you execute an effective process? A comprehensive perspective is a good starting point. With the US OneSEARCH from, you can check a professionally-compiled database containing millions of criminal records. This search contains information from St. Charles County. For full source data, view more on our coverage map. County background checks are the right choice to uncover more information about pending and active cases before the courts. 

Background reports generated by include information from the following: 

  • Missouri Admin Office of the Courts – Felony and misdemeanor records from 1999-present
  • Missouri sex offender registry 

These reports can include the subject’s: 

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition 

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