Volusia County Florida Court Records

Volusia County is a coastal region in northeastern Florida home to a population of about 550 000 people. Nearby counties include Brevard, Flagler, Lake, Marion, Putnam, and Seminole. Notable employers in the Volusia County area include Boston Whaler, Medtronic, and US Foods.

Still, a major hub for manufacturing in the state of Florida, Volusia County enjoys a mixed economy that includes a significant tourism sector as well, thanks to the presence of Daytona Beach. Featuring consistent population growth that surpassed 10% between the 2010 and 2020 censuses, Volusia County continues to bring in newcomers from throughout the state seeking good-paying jobs and opportunities. Employers eager to continually source top talent create a self-refreshing labor pool – a big potential advantage.

However, the movement of people through the region creates a greater risk of encountering candidates who may have committed criminal acts in the past. There is a possibility they may have even left behind a record in another state. Thoroughly evaluating candidates to assess their suitability should include an assessment of this information.

Background check reports make those assessments easy to conduct. What a candidate may not mention in an in-person interview or indicate on their resume could turn up on one of these reports. Verifying what an applicant tells you is a matter of due diligence that you should not overlook. 

Knowing that, what steps should you take to effectively use background checks when you need to bulk up your staff? The best process will include looking in as many locales as possible to see where an applicant may have left a record. Once you've conducted a broad search, you can zero in on specific information and conduct more detailed local searches as needed to supplement your understanding of an applicant. Before you can begin executing such a process, though, you must understand local and federal law constraints.

Florida does not enforce a "ban the box" rule on employers throughout the state, nor does Volusia County have its own regulations. Only the City of Daytona Beach bans the box for public positions, but private employers remain free to structure their process as they prefer. You may conduct an interview first or ask applicants during the interview process. However, you must still abide by the FCRA's standalone disclosure requirement for background checks. Your process should avoid discriminatory behavior defined by the Civil Rights Act and the EEOC.

With this understanding in place, get started fast with the US OneSEARCH from backgroundchecks.com and instantly review record results from across the entire nation. This search includes results from Volusia County courts. See all the data sources we have available for any county in the nation when you check our online coverage map.

If your search reveals the presence of a local court case currently pending before the court, you should continue your research. State criminal data repositories update regularly and may not always include the latest information on an active court case. In such cases, you should choose our county-level background check for quick insights into the latest status of your applicant's case.

Criminal background reports generated by backgroundchecks.com include information from the:

  • Volusia County Courts – Felony, criminal traffic and misdemeanor records from 1992-present

These reports can include the subjects:

  • Name
  • Offense/Charge
  • Sentence
  • Disposition

Choose new hires with a clear view of their background and take advantage of Volusia County's robust labor market today.

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