Employment screening for management and executive positions requires a comprehensive background check including criminal and civil record searches with verifications of key resume facts.

In addition to executing criminal database checks as well as in-depth county searches at locations of residency and work over the past 7 years, backgroundchecks.com can verify nearly all aspects of an executives resume and bio, including employment history and past education. Such a multi-faceted search provides a basis for determining if the person can do the job and be trusted in his or her role without damaging the reputation of the company.

Typically, such a background check is complemented by civil searches and a credit check, especially if the role has fiduciary responsibilities. 

Customize Your Solution for Manager and Executive Screening

  1. Start with a verified criminal database search

    US AliasVERIFY check (recommended)

    • Multi-jurisdictional database search of criminal records on provided and developed alias names
    • Offender registry check of records from all 50 states on provided and alias names
    • Terrorist watch list (such as OFAC) on provided and alias names
    • Social security number (SSN) validation
    • SSN check against the death master index
    • Development of names from name and address history
    • Address history
  2. Supplement with direct searches at specific courthouses

  3. Verify key facts from the resume

  4. Add any role-specific reports or verifications

Management and Executive screening

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The backgroundchecks.com Difference


backgroundchecks.com has the technological resources to support some of the most complex hiring programs in the world. We offer some of the most intuitive software with the ability to create packages per client, progressively screen individuals, and much more.


backgroundchecks.com has our finger on the pulse of compliance issues relating to background screening and human capital solutions. That means that we are able to help you meet federal, state, and local compliance regulations, including ones that are specific to the industries you serve.


With over 650 million records, we can offer you the #1 criminal conviction database in the industry that can be used for criminal background checks. What's more, we actively search for updated records for our criminal database, with the end result being a cleaner and more reliable criminal record search.

* Based on a comparison of the number of sources of conviction data for online criminal conviction databases that make their source list publicly available.