How Do We Invite Employees to Run a Self-Ordered Background Check?

The applicant self-entry program is a simple way to streamline your process for ordering background checks by sharing the responsibility to enter the search criteria for the background check with job applicants. Applicants can be sent emails or access a unique URL to start to enter their information. We then use a simple, guided process in a secure web-based environment to gather the information necessary to run the reports you've requested.

We invite prospective employees to participate in three possible ways, which you can choose during the setup process once you've logged in and selected "Applicant Self-Entry."

In most situation you will likely only want to run a background check on a single candidate. In that case you can have our system send and email invitation directly to the candidate. These personalized invitations arrive in your candidate's email inbox with an explanation and a link to click. If you'd prefer us to invite a larger group of candidates to begin the process all at once, we can send invitations to a list of emails in a batch process.

You may also choose to exercise more control over the process by creating a custom landing page. You can then furnish applicants with the URL via your own communications methods or include it as a link on your website—it's that simple. Once candidates arrive via any of these methods, we confirm FCRA compliance with candidates, gather information, and transmit results to you.

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