Staffing Company Uses to Ensure More Reliable Hires | A Case Study

Moore Advanced, Inc. is a staffing agency and lumper service business that helps logistics companies throughout the southern United States achieve greater productivity. Utilizing a performance-based pay scale that incentivizes hard work and a  labor-management  software that tracks employees throughout their workdays, Moore Advanced claims it can empower workers to be 30  percent  more productive. The company takes care to select the right employees and train them thoroughly so their clients know they are always getting quality logistics talent.

Moore Advanced has a business model that relies on smart hiring practices. The company prides itself on providing logistics workers who are more productive, more accurate in their work, more experienced, and more effective. Minimizing turnover and talent replacement costs are among Moore’s priorities. The company’s rigorous training standards and incentivized pay scale help drive these benefits naturally, but the process starts with hiring good people. Moore Advanced teamed up with to secure the best possible hires.

To screen job candidates, Moore Advanced runs searches through the US OneSEARCH database. The database gives the company instant search results spanning 600 million criminal records from all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico. US OneSEARCH also includes information from more than 100 national and international security sources and 164 sex offender registries from throughout the United States.

Moore Advanced hasn’t yet needed to disqualify a candidate based on background check findings, but the company reported being pleased with having the peace of mind of knowing is there to help identify red flags before they cause problems. Moore Advanced praised the speed, efficiency, and usability of the interface.

When it comes to hiring employees, it’s always important to check backgrounds, verify stories, and make sure you are hiring people who are safe and trustworthy. These points are doubly true for staffing agencies with trusted names to defend in their industries. A breakdown in the vetting process for a staffing company could lead to anything from legal action to reputational damage. At, we help companies including Moore Advanced to minimize those risks by providing detailed and reliable background check reporting services.

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