teacher background checks

Forensic Audit Brings New Clarity to Case Regarding Falsified Background Checks for Teachers

A forensic audit of a charter school in New Orleans has seemingly identified the person behind the school’s falsified ba...

teacher background checks

Does Your School Need to Review Its Teacher Background Checks?

Two recent news stories highlight the importance of regular reviews for teacher background check policies at educational...

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What Type of Background Checks Do Schools Do?

All employers have a responsibility to ensure the safest work environment possible for their employees. Schools and scho...

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Pennsylvania Universities Win the Right to Background Check All Employees

In 2014, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PSSHE) enacted new rules requiring criminal background check...

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Which Background Checks Are Done for Teachers?

Every state has slightly different requirements when it comes to background checks for teachers. This fact was widely di...

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Employees Banned from Chicago Public Schools Found Jobs at Local Charter Schools

A recent audit by the Chicago Board of Education found that employees who had been banned by Chicago Public Schools were...

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Compliance and Legislation, Indiana, teacher background checks

New Indiana Teacher Background Check Bill Arouses Contentious Debates

Indiana House Bill 1068 is a piece of proposed teacher background check legislation that, if passed, would change the wa...

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Compliance and Legislation, teacher background checks, Connecticut

Connecticut Background Checks Causing Controversy

New background check procedures in Glastonbury, CT have some a bit upset about the potential of a backlog. A new policy ...

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Compliance and Legislation, new jersey, teacher background checks

Board of Education Members Step Down After Background Checks

The day has arrived where New Jersey Board of Education members must step down if they have not gone through a backgroun...

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School committees and boards tightening background check policies

With the slate of recent negative news items featuring school officials and employees caught in or accused of criminal a...

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