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The Future of School

For years, technology has been altering the landscape of education, adding eLearning and other online learning approaches to the existing arsenal of face-to-face learning tools and methods. Until now, though, the traditional education model has remained the standard: face-to-face instruction in classrooms and lecture halls. COVID-19 could be the impetus that forces a broader change in learning, simply by rendering the old in-person model risky.

With K-12 schools, colleges, and universities alike struggling to return to some semblance of normal, took this opportunity to ask what could prove to be a defining question of our time: what is the future of school?

In our latest white paper, we explore the evolution of virtual learning, examine how schools have thus far used eLearning and distance learning tactics to reduce viral exposure risk, and how new trends such as Zoom tutors and family “pandemic pods” could alter everything from school hiring strategies to child development.

To read the full white paperclick and follow the link.
The Future of School
Michael Klazema

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