Case Study | Social and Child Services Organizations Rely on to Help Protect the People They Serve

By Michael Klazema on 7/22/2019

Social and child services organizations across the nation work tirelessly and selflessly to help less-advantaged populations, whether they support children who have been abused or adults living with disabilities. At, we are proud to count among our clientele several organizations that fit into these sectors.

These clients rely on background checks to vet employees, sponsors, drivers, and other staff members and volunteers. By helping to root out histories of violence, sexual abuse, and other red flags, our resources assist these organizations in keeping the people they serve safe.

What They Needed

  •  Florida Mentor is a Boynton Beach, Florida-based organization that supports adults struggling with developmental disabilities. The programs that the organization offers include counseling and therapy, advocacy, development of life skills, and transportation. The overarching goal of Florida Mentor is to help adults with disabilities to become more independent in their day-to-day lives. The organization uses to check the driving histories of the employees who provide key transportation services to the adults in their program.
  •  Based in San Antonio, Texas, Seton Home Emergency Shelter is a shelter for teenage moms or moms-to-be who are between the ages of 12 and 17. Most of the girls who come to the shelter have suffered trauma, and many have been removed from their homes by Child Protective Services due to severe abuse, neglect, or sexual assault. Seton Home provides a safe space for these girls and their children. The shelter utilizes criminal background check services from to vet employees and ensure the safety of residents and staff alike.
  •  Founded in 1987, Southwest Key Programs is a nonprofit organization that seeks to keep kids out of jail or prison. The organization offers a variety of youth justice programs throughout the country in states including California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and New York and extends additional help through unaccompanied minor programs in border states. The organization seeks out sponsors to help support kids and their families and uses to vet those potential sponsors.
  •  Upbring El Paso strives to “shape the way Texas treats children” by breaking the cycle of child abuse. The organization seeks not just to remove children from harmful situations but also to ensure that those children find the loving and supportive environments that they deserve. Upbring uses the US OneSEARCH service to vet its employees.
  •  Based in Billings, Montana, Youth Dynamics provides therapeutic services and other mental healthcare assistance to at-risk youth, including therapy, mentoring, case management, family education, and foster care. The organization clears all staff members through a search, which includes criminal histories and DMV records.

What They Love

These organizations and many others have found that they can rely on to provide thorough and reliable background check solutions to meet their lofty hiring standards. Several have been working with us for many years (a full decade in the case of Southwest Key Programs), and all have reported feeling exceptionally satisfied with our services.

Donna Conn, office manager for Florida Mentor, praised our platform for its user-friendly interface and superb customer service. Laura Rodriguez, the program director for Seton Home, said that our options for instant checks were helpful and valuable features.

Let Us Help Your Social Services Organization

Social services organizations serve vulnerable populations and must be able to do so with compassion, kindness, and safety. At, we are proud to offer an array of background check services that allow for smarter screening of employees, sponsors, volunteers, and others. Contact us today to see how our background check services can help your organization.

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